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A Note From the CEO

At Deckers, we know our consumers are not only interested in our unique product offerings they also care about how and under what conditions our products are made. In fact, the way we operate our business is as important to our long-term success as the innovative products we bring to market. To guide us in our daily decision-making, we routinely examine the impact of our operations with respect and admiration for the people and resources that underpin our success.

Not only do we design, market and distribute our products with respect for our natural resources we also partner with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure fair, safe and healthy workplaces. Wherever possible, we use sustainable materials and processes to conserve resources. In addition, we measure and monitor the progress of our strategic partners and incorporate environmental innovations in our decision-making.

The result of these efforts displays our deep commitment to the environment, to human rights and to corporate responsibility. The process is never over, and our work does not end. We continue to seek better ways to promote environmental responsibility, to encourage environmentally friendly technologies and to respect internationally recognized human rights.

Angel Martinez
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Deckers Brands

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