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My Sidewalk Surfers Have Holes Near the Sole. Are They Defective?

Probably not! We make our incredible Sidewalk Surfers by combining a shoe upper with a sandal bottom. To do this, the bottom edge of the upper is cut into tabs that are pushed through holes in the midsole and glued down. This allows the feet more freedom to bend and flex as you move, strengthening the foot. While this method of tab construction creates footwear that are a perfect mixture of shoe and sandal, it does create the small holes that can be found along the seam of the upper and the insole. These holes do not compromise the overall structural integrity of the sandal, and shouldn't be noticeable when worn.

For more information on how our founder came up with this idea, check out a video on Sidewalk Surfer Construction, explained by founder Jeff Kelley himself.




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